The handcrafted jewelry is made from finest sterling silver and dichroic glass, fused at 800°Celsius, sometimes multiple times, under a complex firing schedule to reach the final product.

The distinctive shapes are derived by precise diamond saw cutting. Conclusively they are ground and attentively polished by hand, with only the most select pieces chosen to be set.

Dichroic glass is a cutting edge material developed originally by NASA for the aerospace industry. It is the dielectric coating of micro-thin layers of metal oxides, such as titanium, magnesium, silicon and quartz applied to the surface of the glass which produces an interference filter that divides the light spectrum, transmitting one color while reflecting its opposite.

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable.


Monika Reimann is of Czech-German parentage and has been traveling extensively, discovering different cultures and philosophies seeking to uncover that which lies beyond all differences. With a background in art, jewelry and fashion design she now works creatively with glass, discovering her growing passion for this amazing medium merging the boundaries of craft, art and alchemy.